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  Universal (Japan) -
  Steely Dan: Gaucho

Steel Dan
Track listing:
  Single Layer
Recording type:
Recording info:
  Formerly UIGY-9039

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Steely Dan: Gaucho      

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Review by analogue December 28, 2010 (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
The previous sacd release was very good but this new shm-sacd is even better. Sonically they sound similar but the more one is obvious that this new version is the preferred disc to get.

Why does it sound better??? Because this new version was created from the tapes and a pure dsd recording was done from the latest hardware. The previous version was created from a high rez pcm master and as such was more agressive and loud sounding.

This shm sacd version is warmer, more relaxed and open and has real dynamic range. In every category it is simply better.

Well....that's 2 for 2 now as Aja was awesome too.

Highly recommended.

Hope they release more Steely Dan.

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Review by Quint June 22, 2011 (2 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Another nod for this SHM-SACD. I just got done comparing it with the domestic SACD, and the differences were immediately apparent. The domestic is louder, more upfront, and more ďhi-fiĒ sounding. Not badónot by a long shotóbut pretty obvious. Itís the kind of disc that knocks Ďem dead at audio shows. The SHM-SACD, on the other hand, is considerably smoother, more open, and more natural. All the detail is there, but itís woven organically into the music, whereas on the domestic disc itís in your face. After about five minutes of listening, I was on eBay listing my domestic.

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Review by Marpow December 20, 2014 (2 of 5 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Steely Dan: Gaucho SHM SACD 2014 Japanese Re Issue Stereo

This album originally released in 1980, the 7th Steely Dan album. There has been various re-releases this SHM SACD being a re-issue of the 2010 SHM SACD. All DR values are quite good except downloads, the 2010 having a DR 14, quite good, this is a copy of that.

Performance: 42 musicians are credited in this 2 year studio production. I very much enjoyed this performance and have listened to for many years. Music and lyrics written by Fagen and Becker.

Stereo Sonics: I listened via McIntosh equipment HDMI outs, and delivered at 88.1Khz. Very analog sounding, lets use everybody's favorite word, warm. Yet at same time very detailed, not to bright, just right. In my opinion just about perfect for stereo. I am aware of a multi channel available but I cannot compare. Wide sound stage and very detailed, lets hope so, 42 musicians, it better be good.

Packaging: Plastic jewel case with square corners. Mini paper tri fold lyrics and liner notes in English. Extensive liner notes written by Fagen and Becker, they continue to be full of themselves as in Aja. Japanese paper mini booklet all in Japanese.

Very glad I have this great and iconic disc.

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