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  Universal (Japan) -
  Cream: Fresh Cream
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  Single Layer
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Review by analogue December 23, 2013 (3 of 4 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Fans of Cream will be happy with this release and its on Shm Sacd.
As with the previous sacd this disc has a stereo and mono section of cuts plus both versions have 3 bonus tracks and the mono version has an additional 4 bonus tracks which are basically the French versions of the some album songs. Oh.............and this disc is over 108 minutes of material.

Cream was a fabulous blues oriented hard rock band which featured three hardcore blues lovers. One listen to this disc and its easy to see.......hear rather......why Clapton is the legend he is. But I wont go into the cuts on this album as I'M sure you know its content.

The sound on this disc is really good but with Cream and the time period there are problems. Some cuts can sound a tad rough in a gritty sort of way. Volume needs to be cranked up high as per the norm. Vocals on this disc are excellent and for the most part up front and centered. The stereo portion of this disc can sound a little odd at times where information is split up between the two speakers. I believe this was an original mono recording and then made into stereo later on. If you have the Beatles cd's from 2009 you;ll know what I mean.

Claptons guitar is rendered very well here as is Bakers drums. Man these guys are great musicians. This is amplified music and its sure sounds that way. Clapton turned his guitar amp very high in the studio. I prefer both stereo and mono versions on this sacd as both have their respective merits.

Sound stage is good and low end is grounded......good bass sound.

This is good mastering. I do have to mention something here and I do so as a thought point. These new 2013 Shm Sacd's sound a bit different than the previously released shm sacd's by Universal Japan. I have purchased three of the new releases and if I am pressed to say that..........I feel that although they sound great they also have a sort of stuffy quality to them. As if the top end is shaved away or missing. The previous versions were more airy, lifelike and transparent while the new sacds are fuller and more grounded but stuffy.
Now I guess it could be my system but then again my system does let me hear the difference between the two versions. I will continue to buy the new Shm Sacds as Im HUGE fan and will monitor the sound quality. I may be wrong as well.

Highly recommended to Cream lovers. My actual sound score in 4 and a quarter stars.

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