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  Mobile Fidelity -
  UDSACD 2106
  Frank Sinatra: Songs for Swingin' Lovers!
  Frank Sinatra
Track listing:
  1. You Make Me Feel So Young
2. It Happened in Monterey
3. You're Getting to Be a Habit With Me
4. You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me
5. Too Marvelous for Words
6. Old Devil Moon
7. Pennies From Heaven
8. Love Is Here to Stay
9. I've Got You Under My Skin
10. I Thought About You
11. We'll Be Together Again
12. Makin' Whoopee
13. Swingin' Down the Lane
14. Anything Goes
15. How About You?
  Easy Listening
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Recording info:

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Reviews: 3

Review by Audio Ed February 21, 2014 (8 of 8 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
This is Sinatra, at or near the top of his game. He is right out front where he belong and the band is right with him all the way with Nelson as their very able guide. Enough said about the performance, if you are reading this you may have listened to this hundred of times. The sound here is very good. It is in mono but that is not a negative factor, just buy this. I don,t know if you will find a record where the band and vocalist are more in sync.

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Review by analogue August 13, 2014 (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
1956/ mono/ 15 tracks

Sinatra can sound good as both a mono and a stereo release. I kind of wish Mofi released both on one sacd. Wishful thinking I know.

I tend to like the work Mofi does with Sinatra. I have two gold cds and they are awesome. The sacds......with their extra resolution do point (at times) to problems inherent with the recording and the quality of the masters used. Case in point this sacd release of one of Sinatra's famous albums.

Musically its a very positive experience and its upbeat and enjoyable all the way through.

Mofi's new transfer captures the great voice of Sinatra very well here. Its full bodied and has good density. Its not quite as transparent as other releases but good. The mono tape source does show some wear, a tad of grit and age. Its not overly worn or dull...........just not as good as Id wished for. As Ive mentioned before with original master tapes and a high resolution transfer we have to take the good with the bad. While its not pristine sounding in any way its also not deadened or flat sounding either.
Sinatra's voice sounds better here than the orchestra accompanying him. Franks orchestra has sounded better to my ears. Horns are a little brittle at times too. The bass and drums are recorded rather simply.

This is a good sacd but not a masterpiece either. This is a flat transfer and it sounds like it. I compared the hit Ive got you under my skin from this sacd to one of his greatest hits releases on cd. Now the cd is tweaked and lots of razzle dazzle was used on the sound. Mofi;s sacd was not tinkered with. The two versions sound radically different. So much so that I actually thought the cd version was a rerecording. While the cd version has less resolution and is in stereo and was also sounds more open and pristine. Mofi's version is more realistic but duller by comparison.
Go figure.

A good sacd from Mofi and a totally feel good album by the master himself.


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Review by progboy March 31, 2014 (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Frank Sinatra - songs for swingin' lovers! SACD (mono)

I grew up listening to Sinatra...and this album was a regular spin in my household. My mom was a Sinatra- head and this album is indelibly stamped in my mind. I have only ever heard the stereo mix so i was super excited to hear that Mofi was releasing the mono mix!

The album is IMHO musically a masterpiece.......and album that needs no introduction or likely further reviews so i will keep this one super short.

Let me just say that this may be the pinnacle Nelson Riddle : Sinatra album!!!!!

Once again Shawn Britton got the task to SACD'ize this mono masterpiece and did IMHO a wonderful job. The music is super clear and powerful at slightly elevated levels with excellent dynamics. I would not put this in the same league as the Nat King Cole SACD masters from a few years ago, but having said this is still a delicious morsel. There is excellent speaker distinction on Sinatra's voice in particular and nice deep bass tones throughout. The orchestra is a bit back behind his voice all the way thru which is very different from the stereo mix. Fans of the vintage Riddle "booms" and the "baaahs" might be a bit dissapointed in this characterization of the album......especially those used to the stereo mix. But don't think this SACD is not dynamic cause it certainly is and it is a pure joy to listen to......just a different more relaxed mix than I am used to!

If you are into this album then this SACD is pretty much an essential pick up..........

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