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SACD/DSD compatible receivers
December 5, 2014
What about the Sony DVPS7200? It appears to support SACD/DSD, and could connect to the STR-DN1050. This raises another question though. I see that the STR-DN1050 has separate HDMI inputs for Blu-ray and SACD/CD. But if the BD/SACD player has only one HDMI output (as the DVPS7200 does), which input would I connect it to? The Oppo has two HDMI ... more
SACD/DSD compatible receivers
December 5, 2014
Are you saying there's a standalone SACD player that doesn't go through the receiver? If so how does information (music) get from the disc to the speakers? Sorry if this is dumb question or if I'm misunderstanding. I should also clarify, I'm not looking to spend much at all on this system. I know the sky can be the limit on components etc. but ... more
SACD/DSD compatible receivers
December 5, 2014
Greetings all, new member here. I've got an old Sony STR-DA1ES receiver and DVP-NS755V DVD/SACD player that I've used to play my SACDs for years. This system has worked fine for my purposes, but it's not HDMI compatible and I've been noticing some audio pops and clicks lately which I think are probably coming from the receiver. My wife bought me a ... more