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Unable to hear audio from SACD discs on NEWEST 80Gb MGS4 Playstation3
August 23, 2008
Hi, As far has I remember, the 40 GB version of the PS3 in Europe has lost the ability to read SACD for cost saving reasons. Moreover, the 80GB version that should be available soon here seems to be similar to the 40GB version except for the disk size and consequently has no SACD support. In the US, the old 80 GB version is able to read SACD ... more
Discussion: Scriabin: Piano Sonatas Nos. 2, 5 & 9 - Sudbin
September 29, 2007
Hello, I have not listen to this release yet but it has received highest praises from C. Huss (Classical today France) for both interpretation and sonics. Here is a link to the review, unfortunately in French only: My English is far too bad to translate it fully but here are two short ... more
Should Zeus revise his requirements for posting reviews (again)?
June 5, 2007
To be fair, it seems that he is pasting only reviews with the highest rating (there are more than 200 reviews on his site: thanks Claude for having discovered it) Now, some remarks from a guy whose French is the mother tongue, who reads reasonably well English sentences but has great difficulties to write proper English: - I am of the opinion ... more
BARTÓK: 6 String Quartets
April 21, 2006
I've also seen it in the same store as the Bartok so it is available. It has received a rave review from a french classical music newspaper (This month's Classica / Repertoire) ... more
BARTÓK: 6 String Quartets
April 21, 2006
The link should be OK now. Thanks Brenda To Tererence: I'm 1000 km away from my low-fi system for a few days so I have not been able to listen to this disk yet (a compulsive buy indeed). Moreover I am not really familiar with Bartok string quartets and my english is very poor so I'm not planning to write a full review. However if there is no ... more