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Why We Believe
May 1, 2010
With regard to digital audio, factors such as bit-depth, anti-alias filtering, converter THD and dynamic range, and jitter all create measurable and substantial changes to the sound. On the analog end, component and cable materials, feedback, capacitors, transformers and speaker cones all affect the quality of signal being transmitted. I ... more
Help me with the SACD Wikipedia entry
April 22, 2010
When I first stumbled across the SACD entry on Wikipedia I found: 1) No mention of filtering (or lack thereof) in the DSD conversion process. 2) The page claimed research had proven that SACD and RBCD were identical (citing Meyer and Moran's paper). 3) A claim that 24/176 PCM and DSD were also proven to be indistinguishable. ... more
The truth about Hi-Fi & Hi-End
April 22, 2010
This is an excellent point. ABX tests have "proved" CD, SACD, 24/96k and 24/192k PCM are indistinguishable, that all amplifiers sound exactly the same, that 1k alias tones cannot be heard, the list goes on. This flies in the the face of people that have actually used the equipment. I have a decent amount of experience with high end equipment in a ... more
Against SACD again
November 22, 2007
I don't take a whole lot of stock in audiophile stuff since they decided that putting plastic covers on your cds makes them sound better, and I the most ridiculous is that CD QUALITY IS GOOD ENOUGH. Honestly, I hear alot of those guys say that the new cd transports make SACD obsolete which is preposterious. Sure upsampling an old CD to 384khz will ... more
Groundbreaking DXD recording for SACD
October 29, 2007
Well, first it can make make processing in both analog and digital realms very difficult. When you are mixing DSD and you have multiple channels of hf noise pilling up your equipment starts to run into problems and this can effect the quality of the sound. Even if you can't hear the noise it still has to pass through your gear. Also, I believe all ... more