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  Dean Mixon
  Modwright Sony; Audio Research Ref 10 preamp; Audio
Research Ref 250 monoblocks; Vandersteen 5A speakers; Audioquest cables

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In Nativitate Beatae MARIAE Virginis        (5 of 5 found this review helpful)
  January 2, 2011

Although not a huge fan of Norwegian music, everything that I have heard from 2L has been superbly well recorded and very intelligent in conception. This disc shows its musical intelligence by successfully alternating 800 year old Gregorian chants with modern percussion pieces written for this disc. ... more
Mozart: Flute Concertos - Bezaly        (5 of 10 found this review helpful)
  November 20, 2005

I bought this disk because of the magisterial review by ramesh. I am returning it because of the (to my ear) dreadful cadenzas. In her liner notes Ms. Bezaly thanks composer Aho for writing cadenzas that, according to her, grow organically out of the Mozart but allow the modern flute to soar. The ... more
Beethoven/Mendelssohn: Symphonies - Davis        (6 of 8 found this review helpful)
  December 7, 2004

I will comment only on the sound quality of the Beethoven. It is the best digital sound I have ever heard (I listened only to the stereo layer, not having a surround system). There is a debate whether SACD producers should use Meitner or dCS equipment. Pentatone uses dCS. Just close your eyes and ... more

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How many of you are - actually - SACD-ONLY buyers???
January 18, 2009
I have bought only SACDs for several years now, although to be sure my wife and I listen almost exclusively to classical music. The difference in quality of reproduction is extraordinary, and we have only a stereo system (albeit a very good and revealing one). If we had to go back to CDs, well, we wouldn't. ... more
CD, SACD, DVD-A Comparisions
February 23, 2005
This month's issue of (I believe) Absolute Sound has a quick little piece from Robert Harley, who has not been a friend of SACD. Harley felt that SACDs were weak at the top (as you note) and "grainy" (to use his word). The point of Harley's piece was to say that he had just heard the new Meitner transport, that the top two octaves were restored, ... more
Question for Pentaman
December 23, 2004
Thank you for your post. I have listened to several Pentatone SACDs, some done with Meitner, some with dCS. They have all sounded wonderful to me. Harry Pearson just must be wrong. Digital music finally makes musical sense. I don't have to watch TV anymore... ... more
Question for Pentaman
December 18, 2004
I notice that Pentatone sometimes uses Meitner equipment, sometimes dCS. Some people swear by dCS; some people (e.g. Harry Pearson) swear at it. How does Pentatone decide what equipment to use for a particular project? Thanks, Dean Mixon ... more
December 3, 2004
I gather this can be done now but only in stereo; I just got my 9000ES back from Warren Gregoire yesterday. In time I'll post listening results. Multi-channel will be a very different challenge, evidently. MC is next year for me, so maybe something will happen in the meantime. ... more