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Michel Colombier's "Wings" album
July 26, 2005
I too have this CD and cherish it. Unfortunately there is probably no commercial value to release it on SACD as it will probably sell poorly! ... more
De Selby's reviews
June 5, 2005
If you read the Review Guidelines posted by ZEUS, you'll see that De Selby broke more than one rules. The kicker is why he has been allowed to keep doing it ??? Inquisitive mind would like to know! ... more
What is your WORST Mixed MultiChannel SACD Purchase?
May 30, 2005
Mine has to be JT (James Taylor) mixed by Nathaniel Kunkel. The disc sounds like an experiment by some techno nerds toying with a new concept, i.e multichannel mix. Some of the tracks sound fine but some (such as Honey Don't Leave LA, Another Grey Morning, etc...) come off with James Taylor's fine vocal isolated to the center speaker only. It ... more
My DeSelby Theory
May 12, 2005
Have you noticed how many eloquently written and insightful reviews were posted in order to drown out the inane one-liner by this character? I have a theory about DeSelby: there is no DeSelby. This is a fictitious name created by God knows who ( ZEUS, care to comment:) )in order to provide us readers with more incendiaries/incentives to contribute ... more
May 8, 2005
Where did you get your figure from? 30 million copies sold sounds too good to be true !!! I googled and found the following link and their quote of 800,000 copies sold is more realistic. I wish DSOTM had sold 30 million copies of the SACD version. That would be enough incentive for the suits to ... more