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  Randy C.
  Buffalo, NY
  Denon DVD-2900 "universal" player, Sony STR-DE985 receiver (weak link?), Energy C-5/C-3/C-C1 speakers, Energy S10.2 subwoofer

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Sampling Frequency vs. Perception (PCM)
May 19, 2004
Perhaps it is a bit dishonest, but such is the nature of marketing. When it comes to storage of PCM, the conventional choices are between 20 and 24 bits per sample. Anyone using a 22 bit ADC is not going to want to reduce the samples to 20 bits, so they are going to store 24 bits. Since everyone else is claiming their recordings are 24 bit based on ... more
Sampling Frequency vs. Perception (PCM)
May 17, 2004
Try as I might, I have not been able to find specifications for any ADC or DAC that credibly claims more than 20 bits of resolution. I would be appreciative of anyone who could provide a link to the spec sheet for such a beast, as I trust it would make for a fascinating read. ... more
Identifying DSD Recordings
January 14, 2004
Michael Bishop confirmed my concern that "DSD recording" in an album's notes might refer to PCM to DSD transfer. ... more
Identifying DSD Recordings
December 15, 2003
The "liner notes" for Nickel Creek: Nickel Creek and Jerry Douglas: Lookout For Hope both say "DSD recording and editing by Tracy Martinson." Can we take this at face value, or might "recording" mean the process of transferring from the original recording to DSD? ... more
Search Engine Trouble
November 6, 2003
The search engine would be more user-friendly if it would provide a message reporting that no useable search terms were provided. Even better, it could display the list of terms used in every search. ... more