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De Selby's reviews
April 22, 2005
I hope the people who find this guy's reviews to be completely worthless (like myself) are voting by clicking the 'No' button in answer to the question of whether they were helpful or not. ... more
De Selby's reviews
February 21, 2005
Get rid of this guy's 'reviews' they are worthless. 'stereo sonics'? What is this supposed to mean? That he can only listen in stereo? Very useful for the multiple multichannel discs he's 'reviewing'..... ... more
Bowie Reality SACD Available?
November 6, 2003
Thank you for the confirmation info. To confuse things even more, there appears to be yet another version with extra content scheduled for 11-14 see/search for the text 'Reality Tour Edition' at the below --Don ... more
Bowie Reality SACD Available?
November 5, 2003
Right, where is it? --Don ... more
Bowie Reality SACD Available?
November 4, 2003
Has anyone found the Bowie 'Reality' SACD at a brick and mortar store like Best Buy or Circuit City yet? I notice neither Circuit City nor Best Buy online stores list the title, a disappointment (Circuit City in particular) because they have been listing SACDs and DVD-As for pre-order at great prices, usually $13.99 I've seen it available for ... more