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  Philip Sawyer
  Sydney, Australia
  Source/amplification: Sony SCD-XA9000ES connected via firewire to Sony TA-DA9000ES. Mains powered by Elektra Reference power amp.
Mains:Tannoy Revolution R3
Centre: Tannoy Sensys DCC
Rear: Richter Harlequin
Sub: Richter Thor Mk IV
Cable: Harmony cables from Dick Smith Electronics, speakers connected using Kordz speaker cable (mains bi-wired)

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  November 22, 2005

With volume 38 in their Romantic Piano Concerto series Hyperion finally manage to release one on SACD. Based on this effort one hopes that future releases in this series will also be available in high resolution audio. Anton Rubinstein (1829-1894) was a highly prolific Russian composer. In addition ... more

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August 6, 2008
Yes it does have 5.1, as per the image. It doesn't play SACD or even CD though. Also it doesn't decode DTS-HD or DTS-HD MA. So the best you can get through the analogue outputs is Dolby TrueHD decoded to PCM or the DTS core. Further, it is HDMI v1.2 so it will never be able to bitstream the new audio formats via HDMI if the OP gets a new ... more
Dolby True HD connections
August 6, 2008
You can only get high resolution audio via HDMI or via analogue outputs, not by coaxial or optical connections. So you won't be getting Dolby TrueHD in your current setup. I have the same issue with not having enough multichannel analogue inputs on my amp, and I use two video switchboxes for switching audio (there may be six channel audio ... more
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November 16, 2006
The DVDs were taken from 1999 live performances. Judging by the cast lists the SACDs come not from these but from the October 2005 live performances, which were broadcast on radio. The Siegfried does fit one act per disc, approximately timings being 76:45, 70:10 and 78:10. From memory it's not a bad cycle. ... more
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[Oops, should have looked more carefully before responding] ... more