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  Retired from U.S. Foreign Service in 2000 and found our dream place in the country.
  Way out in the country in Georgia -- nearest city is Athens
  Sony DVD/SACD player from Best Buy. The rest might be reviled by some audiophiles -- it is "consumer" gear (ie. reasonably priced) and includes a Sony receiver and full range (well, down to about 35hz) front and surround speakers and a similarly voiced center speaker. Video and music are both important to us, and both do quite well on this set-up.

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Beck: Sea Change      (1 of 2 found this review helpful)
  September 2, 2003

Rinkrat got it just right -- this is the only SACD that I have that combines great new music with a five star surround mix. I was not a Beck fan before -- had only listened to some of "Odelay"on a listening station and wondered what all the critics were so excited about. The dearth of good rock ... more

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Defective SACD
October 1, 2003
I have a defective copy of Beck's "Sea Change." There are popping sounds in the left surrouond on a couple of songs. I figured I was just going to have to live with it (it is one of my favorite multichannel records) but then I saw a review of it in The Absolute Sound from a few months ago. The reviewer, Bob Gendron, I think, noted that copies with ... more
Monster cables, do I need them?
September 26, 2003
Borchgrevink: Stay skeptical, keep testing, save your money for SACD's. High-priced interconnects are the emperor's new clothes of the audio world and bring all of the modern, expensive, audiophile shibboleths into question -- could they all be myths? Yes! And remember, once you are sucked in and spend a pile of hard earned cash on fancy wires, you ... more