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Genesis - March 26th
January 27, 2008
MNSACD said: You know that would be just great........but I will believe it when I see it. Yup, sort of like the actual release of the early genesis sacds actually occurring in 2008...... ... more
Genesis - March 26th
January 20, 2008
Well one good thing about this delay would be the possibility of using my Government rebate check from the smirking chimp to purchase it...LOL ... more
Genesis - March 26th
January 20, 2008
Thanx folx, I hate seeing this delayed yet again, but i guess it's to be expected. At least it is supposedly coming, The Who had threatened a surround sound of Quadrophenia, like they did with Tommy, but that never happened to my knowledge (other than the Concert release on DVD.) ... more
Genesis - March 26th
January 15, 2008
From all the info I remember last year it is now the time for the Most anticipated set of The triple Genesis releases, That being the Gabriel era. Has anyone heard anything regarding when these discs will be available? supposedly they were to be ready at the end of 07/start of 08. I have been waiting for 5.1 Lamb for years! ... more
Alan Parsons on SACD
March 14, 2007
all would be nice, but I would prefer mystery and imagination in multichannel SACD ... more