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I tend to prefer recordings of smaller-scale ensembles but do enjoy the occasional symphonic work as well.
  Middle-Western U.S.
  Denon AVR-3806, DVD-1920

Polk Audio RTi10 (bi-amped), CSi3, PSW10, FXi3

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Mozart: Donaueschingen Harmoniemusik - Blomhert          (5 of 5 found this review helpful)
  April 21, 2006

The local opera company is staging the Abduction next month, so I was delighted with the timing of this release. It's interesting to compare this octet-sized "Greatest Hits" to recordings of the full opera, and amusing to speculate about why Mozart made specific choices in the reduction. The ... more
Mozart: Complete sonatas for keyboard and violin Vol. 1 - Cooper/Podger          (7 of 7 found this review helpful)
  February 22, 2006

I find myself returning to this disc frequently, like a comfortable pair of shoes. I don't know if it would suit everyone's tastes, however. - Warm, close miked sound with just the right touch of hall ambiance reaching the surrounds? Check. - The sense of period instruments, complete with creaks ... more

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You have to laugh...
December 6, 2008
Acapella triolon excalibur. Quite the multilingual name. Maybe the translation from Latin, Latin, Finnish and Greek would be "As in chapel thrice being from steel". ... more
You have to laugh...
December 4, 2008
Now that's strange - I was just saying to myself that I needed a speaker that looked like a telephone handset chasing a spare tire down a steep incline. Kismet! Judging by their logo, I think the Canadian Hi-Fi site might have a bit of an identity crisis... ... more
Christopher Cross on SACD? Warner Brothers says NO!
November 9, 2007
Presumably WB only owns the rights to the album - the specific edits and mixes of certain tracks from the master. Theoretically someone could create another (sufficiently different to pass legal muster) album from the master tapes, and WB wouldn't have rights to that. ... more
Discussion: Haydn: String Quartets Op. 33 Nos. 2, 3 & 5 - Parkanyi Quartet
June 18, 2007
I ordered it from JPC, and it's supposedly on its way...look forward to hearing it. ... more
Shops not catering to SACD
June 11, 2007
I suspect a big part of it is that "great" to the majority of the market has very little to do with the actual fidelity of the sound. I don't think the average person who buys an iPod docking station does so in the hopes that it will provide the highest possible sound quality. If you've ever tried to convince such a person of the merits of SACD, ... more