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Tallis: Spem in Alium - The Sixteen        (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
  October 10, 2003

This recording was produced to celebrate The Sixteen’s 25th anniversary. It is the first SACD from The Sixteen, and the first surround sound recording of Tallis’ 40 part motet “Spem in alium”. Recorded in All Saints Church, Tooting (London) in May 2003, the disc contains 9 works: 1. Thomas Tallis ... more

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2 Can Be Better Than 6 (Or, Why Stereo Is Still My Friend)
January 8, 2004
Multi-channel presents a real conumdrum for the audiophile. Is promises so much, but often fails to deliver. However, it's not much of a conumdrum for Sony et al. The difficulties of getting a high quality and consistent result aren't going to worry their target market, who just want "sound from all directions" as the latest item on their hifi ... more
The number of stars you use in your SACDinfo reviews.
October 21, 2003
No, I gave Spem in alium 5 for performance and 4 for sound. Expensive list of suggestions - I don't have any of them (I have all of the other Chandos RVW symphonies though). I may give them a go. ... more
The number of stars you use in your SACDinfo reviews.
October 20, 2003
Yes, I've noticed that the awarding of stars tends to be very polarized - all or none. I guess they're never going to mean much when there is no editorial control. Then again, I've only posted one review, and that was because it was a disc that I felt was particularly good, and there were no other reviews of it. Of the SACD's I own (60 or so [and ... more