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  Albert J Kozar
  Jazz Affictionado - collect for jazz trumpet players, favorite group - trp, guitar, bass all acoustic. Like all like acoustic live music, primarily small group. Fond of few singers.
  East Granby, CT, USA
  Priority of setup: 2CH>MCH>HT 23' x 18.5' x 11.5 peaked ceiling, fronts on long wall

Magnepan 20.1s (with Mye Stands), 1.6qr, Velodyne HSG-15 (Phantom center)
Bel Canto Pre6
California Audio Labs 2500 MCA (500w x5/8ohm; in 2ch 1000w/4ohm)
Sony SCD XA777ES
Sony SCD c555ES
Arcam FMJ DV-27A
IC: Nordost Blue Heaven, Harmonic Technology Truthlink
SC: Synergistic Research Alpha Active

Very wide & deep soundstage, precise imaging with good air.

Pictures available on Audio Asylum on Planer Page

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Supreme Jazz: Stan Getz        (5 of 5 found this review helpful)
  November 16, 2006

Almost stopped listening after 2 songs - Getz is bright, piano is tinny, drums muffled and NO soundstaging. Master is bad in second tune "Billies Bounce," with occassional static points. Levels not balanced between instruments. Very poor for 1980 recording. Getz is great in spots, tune 6, "Nature's ... more

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