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Pioneer Elite BDP-62FD > DSD thru HDMI > Onkyo TX-NR3010 (DSD>Analog)
F: Paradigm Monitor 11v5
C: Paradigm CC-370v4
R: Paradigm Monitor 11v4
S: Paradigm Servo 15v2

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Bob Marley: Legend (30th Anniversary Edition)      (6 of 6 found this review helpful)
  September 19, 2014

While I would be ecstatic to have read that all the Island/Tuff Gong Marley titles were getting released instead of this "Best Of" collection, I'll take what I can get. UMe announced the Soundgarden and Marley titles within a week of each other, two brand new mixes. Where the Soundgarden fails in ... more
Dire Straits: Dire Straits      (4 of 5 found this review helpful)
  November 5, 2010

I only have two complaints about this release. 1) The price 2) No multi-channel mix That's it. What else could you complain about? I have never heard S/T sound so good, from the opening track right through, this SHM-SACD delivers. Brilliantly open and natural highs particularly in the cymbals and ... more
Peter Gabriel: So      (5 of 6 found this review helpful)
  July 25, 2007

Despite the rather odd change in the running order I am continually impressed by this disc which has been in my collection for some time now. I remember looking forward to hearing Mercy Street in SACD and it did not disappoint. The quality of this recording is excellent from start to finish. The ... more

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Beatles 1 + released Nov 6th.....
September 22, 2015
Of course they are, they have loads of crappy source material they can continue to recycle...but the day and date titles are what matters and if the studios can sell more they will. 4K titles will carry a premium just like BD will, replication lines don't need to be completely retooled, there is no format war only how things like HDR will be ... more
Beatles 1 + released Nov 6th.....
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