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This used to be an interesting site
July 28, 2011
And still the Leonard Cohen discography is still not on SACD despite much of Bob Dylan's catalogue being available on SACD for many years, what are we going to do, lobby Sony music? ... more
Groundbreaking DXD recording for SACD
November 29, 2007
Isn't this more of a problem with analogue filters, digital filters probably perform better here, right? I certainly know this is the case when it comes to phase response. Modern PCM implementations (nearly) all use digital filters, right? ... more
Direct Stream Digital Video, is anyone insterrested?
November 28, 2007
Sorry but there is already such a thing, basically VC with MPEG2 compression. ... more
Digital Radio in UK going surround.
November 4, 2007
Well then, does DSD have any future in digital radio? I hope so. ... more
Digital Radio in UK going surround.
November 3, 2007
What has this got to do with SACD exactly? ... more