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Discussion: Weingartner: Symphony No. 6 - Letonja
June 4, 2009
Castor and raffels, thanks for your reviews. I have the other five Weingartner discs and have enjoyed each. I didn't enjoy the 5th as much as the others, though, and was hoping the 6th would be good. ... more
Headphones and SACD
April 8, 2009
I recently purchased a Sennheiser HD595 headset and have enjoyed listing to certain pieces more so than others. I can hear a great deal more when listening to richly orchestrated pieces, but others (Beethovan's 5th for one) sound better on my speakers. Also, I enjoy the headset, but I can't wear them for more than 90 minutes at a time. ... more
BIS thread
April 4, 2009
Me, too! I've added it to my purchase list for next year. ... more
Hidden nuggets on RCA Living Stereo SACD's?
March 27, 2009
They were my reintroduction to SACD as well as my (late in life) introduction to classical music. Since I only listen to stereo I really don't care if they are 2, 3, 4 or 5 channels. I'm getting the impression, though, that some here believe that are being sold deceptively as 5 channel. The packaging is very clear. Obviously they didn't record in 5 ... more
Question for Pentaman
March 23, 2009
Yes ... I like the 4th as well. I vote for both. ... more