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  max de terra
  SA-CD transport: Accuphase DP-100
Digital Pre-Amp: Accuphase DC-330
Power Amps : Accuphase P-1000 one stereo amp per speaker for bi-amping
Speakers : B&W Nautilus 801
Cables : Audioquest Amazon,Everest
conditioning : Accuphase PS-1200
Power cords : Magic Line (seperate fuse to conditioner, components)
treatement of
listening room : Applied Acoustics

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Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra - Eschenbach        (2 of 5 found this review helpful)
  December 28, 2005

A great recording. It brings together 3 important ingredients of an outstanding orchestral recording: a world class orchestra, world class acoustics and world class sound recording. Most other good recordings will contain only one, at most two, of those ingredients. Now let's see Mr. Porter record ... more
  November 7, 2003

I think this is a great set.I have compared it to the release on cd and found even the sacd's cd layer to be superior.The string sound is beautifull and brilliant but still warm.I find the localization of the string sections to be precise and stable, the definition of the wood winds positions is ... more

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Philadelphia/Ondine drop SACD
December 24, 2008
I don't think Blue Ray should be a problem for SA-CD. In my view these are two different pairs of shoes. Blue Ray brings the advances in video recording technology to the end user and SA-CD does the same for pure audio. Both are the logical succesors for there predecessors DVD resp. CD. I believe these formats should exist in paralell just as CD ... more
Philadelphia/Ondine drop SACD
December 24, 2008
You are right,I appologize. I was actually writing to "the industry", not to you. Not really thinking I did it in response to your post, because you just happened to touch the point, that has been frustrating me so long with their behaviour. I very much encourage you to keep continuing to follow your artistical conscience against financial ... more
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December 23, 2008
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Philadelphia/Ondine drop SACD
December 23, 2008
This financial sense, financial sense, financial sense arguing makes me long for the time when for example Karajan used nearly an entire recording session, not recording a tone, untill he evoked precisisely the special sound he wanted from the strings to fit a few seconds long passage in Pelleas et Melisande. Where has that artistic longing for ... more