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Let It Bleed SACD or Not?
June 2, 2007
Yes I have seen that thread as I started it awhile back on my first order that turned out not to be SACDs. Did you already know that? From the way I read it there was nothing conclusive that was said there. Someone was going to check barcodes and get post back but never did. I kept checking back but the thread went dead. When the second shipment ... more
Let It Bleed SACD or Not?
June 1, 2007
Well, I've been answering my own question with the help from the The Seventh Taylors excellent SACD FAQ. I turned the CD in question over an looked to see if the back looked golden toned (as most SACDs) or silver as most regular CDs. Unfortunately the back of the CD in question is silver in color. So links from Amazon as well as CD Universe (even ... more
New SA-CD FAQ -- draft
June 1, 2007
Your statement if probably correct for most people's systems. But maybe it would be more correct to add ..."except in very high end systems." A few weeks a go I was able to demo a SACD (Tommy)in a system that was conservatively 150-200K. I listened through a Ayre $6K universal player as well as a $45K player (the name escapes me right now)and the ... more
Let It Bleed SACD or Not?
June 1, 2007
Does anyone know how I can tell if the disk of Let I Bleed by the Rolling Stones is a true SACD or not? I ordered 5 Rolling Stone SACDs. 4 came in digipaks and each had printed the "SACD logo" on the actual disk. The 5th, Let It Bleed came in a jewel case, says "DSD" on the disk, but NO mention of SACD or the SACD logo. (Other logos on the disk ... more
Amazon CDNow
May 27, 2007
I think that you are OK as long as it clearly said SACD in the Amazon title. I recently purchased a number of SACDs from CDNow Buyers Club, and they were all SACDs (even though your cart will have them listed simply as CDs). But the links from this site to Amazon may not necessarily be SACD (even though this site review is for SACDs). If it says ... more