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Mastering error -- different recording on SACD layer?
September 3, 2009
Has anyone else experienced this? I have a completely different recording on the SACD layer of a brand new (bought directly from Amazon) RCA Living Stereo SACD (Tchaikovsky's 6th Symphony). The SACD layer contains Can's _Rite Time_. ... more
Discussion: K-pleasures Kenji Kawai
September 5, 2008
Does anyone know if this comes in anything *other* than SACD? The Amazon page doesn't explicitly say that it's SACD. ... more
Alison Krauss Albums Not Available! Why
August 20, 2007
Dagnabit, that's depressing. I need to hurry up and get that Natalie McMaster disk, and probably the Bruce Cockburn as well. ... more
It's the CD's 25th birthday!!
August 17, 2007
It's better than mp3, so...I rejoice! ... more
output from SACD player to PC to DSP the signal?
August 16, 2007
The short answer is, no, you would need to use the analog domain to record the output of SACD into your computer. I'm sure there are computers in the professional arena that will do what you want, such as the Pyramix, but you're back into megabuck territory. And I wouldn't even be too sure about that -- Sony plays SACD mastering pretty close to ... more