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  Derek Rumble
  Music lover, singer, painter, cook when not at day job.
  Shropshire, UK. derekrumble at yahoo dot co dot uk
  Denon DVD2900, Musical Fidelity (MF) X-DACv3, passive pre, MF A3.2cr power amp, MJ Acoustics Reference 100 sub. Speakers: LS3/5a, JR 149, Magneplanar SMGa. MF X-CANv3 > Grado SR60, Sennheiser HD 480.

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Gene Harris, Scott Hamilton: At Last        (2 of 3 found this review helpful)
  July 14, 2007

Not much to add to the above except my favourite track is 'You are my Sunshine' which is very much an old standard enlivenned by gene harris's inimitable piano playing. A techy / audio comment though - the CD layer to me sounds much much better. Was the CD layer the original CD master I wonder, ... more

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Linn downloads - SACD quality?
July 14, 2007
Hi Bruce, I have successfully paid-for and downloaded some Liszt piano music from Linn in hi-res FLAC format. I have written this to DVD-A usuing Cirlinca's DVD-Audio Solo software. Solo accepts FLAC format directly and it's a simple matter of dragging and dropping the files you need to burn into a write list, and then 'burning' your DVD-A. Solo ... more