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Keane: Hopes and Fears SACD
August 26, 2004
UMG are starting to put out some good titles on SACD, better than Sony on the popular side of music. It's a shame that we still don't get releases across the globe, but I suppose the internet is here to enable worldwide shopping, and that's certainly the case if you buy SACD. ... more
Keane: Hopes and Fears SACD
August 26, 2004
I have the CD, and its ripped to my iPod, I don't think I could wait for the SACD release, but needless to say I'm buying it :) ... more
Keane: Hopes and Fears SACD
August 23, 2004
UMG have put a Multi-Channel version of this brilliant album on their coming soon page on the SACD webpage. Great debut album and should be even better on SACD. ... more
New vendor: jpc
May 27, 2004
I orderd the Snowpatrol SACD from them yesterday, I too know very little German, but did manage to get the order placed, I'll report back when hopefully the goods arrive. Price wise, with shipping the total was about £19.50 GBP, which is not too bad IMHO ... more
Discussion: Roxy Music: Avalon
April 19, 2004
Fully agree, having played both the 2 Channel and Multi Channel flavours of Avalon, this is the best non classical SACD your good money can buy. RECOMENDED !! Retronana ... more