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SACD Detection
February 5, 2010
But I didn't say it was a new player, it's probably at least five years' old, I've probably bought one SACD in the last year for the reasons given above, and I doubt it would be worthwhile getting it repaired for the relatively few SACDs it won't play in that format at present. If, and when, it stops playing CDs too then I shall replace it. ... more
SACD Detection
February 4, 2010
I wondered if the SACD laser was failing, as I had one fail on a Sony CD player, but as I said it seems consistent, some discs now always play as SACD, some never do. The discs that I first noticed it on were two copies of the Naxos MA Charpentier SACD. And a new unplayed Channel SACD of Mozart Violin Sonatas which rather rules out dirty discs. ... more
SACD Detection
February 2, 2010
No, I have tried playing the misbehaving SACDs as 2CH SACD and it makes no difference. ... more
SACD Detection
February 2, 2010
It's set up as M/C as are apparently all of the discs, but I will experiment to see if that makes any difference. The ones it plays as SACD are certainly played in M/C. I do actually have 3 or 4 recordings where I have two copies, and it is always consistent between those. I am intrigued by the earlier comment about warming up. The player is left ... more
SACD Detection
February 2, 2010
Sorry, perhaps by saying 'reads' I confused people. I am not talking about the way the disc is read during playing of the music but how the disc is determined to be either an SACD or a CD at startup. All of the discs I am referring to are supposed to be hybrid SACDs on a variety of labels. My player is normally set up so that if an SACD is played, ... more