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$10.98 for all SACDs at the Sony online music store
January 28, 2005
Any "must have" classical recordings in the sony sa-cd catalogue? I don't normally do single-layer discs, but the price is right and I'm trying to build a good collection. I only have about 40 classical discs now, so I am open to suggestions. Thanks, Dimitri ... more
Argh...Distortion on Kind of Blue...
February 16, 2004
Thanks tb--that's good to know. ... more
Argh...Distortion on Kind of Blue...
January 30, 2004
!! Merlin, Who doesn't love to chat about new toys? I'm glad someone else is hearing the same distortion(on the same tracks, too). I try to keep myself from getting annoyed with the disc's inconsistency--it is, after all, phenomenal music. You mentioned that yours is a multi-channel disc--mine is stereo--I was hoping the multi-channel issue might ... more
Argh...Distortion on Kind of Blue...
January 23, 2004
My search didn't yield any discussion on this topic--> I clearly hear something like a sizzling/crackling distortion accompanying the horn tones on most tracks' head motives. Do I have a bad disc? Do I simply have to deal with this imperfection? Why does the distortion disappear in solos? ... more
A Jazz Starter Kitt
January 20, 2004
Good list. I'd definitely add Blue Train. A perfect "Intro to Jazz" album. -Dimitri ... more