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  Steve Frost
  Guitarist, Songwriter, Performer, Martial Artist, Theoliphizer, Father and, alas, Grandfather. :-)
  Portland, Oregon USA
  Onkyo 7.1. JUST got an Oppo universal DVD player for Christmas and indulged in many an SA-CD - at least for starters. Had been enjoying only DVD-As up until this point. Also have a bit of a recording studio, running Sonar on a P4.

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Which artist or album would YOU like to see released on SA-CD?
December 29, 2007
Okay, I'll play - and I'm thinking here in terms of multi-channel mixes. Some of this is already covered elsewhere... Pardon my indulgence. :-) Ambrosia - Ambrosia Supertramp - Crime of the Century Klaatu - Klaatu Bowie - Low Return to Forever - Romantic Warrior Yes - Fragile Prince - Purple Rain Cars - Shake It Up JL Ponty - Cosmic Messenger The ... more
Never asking for music as a gift again
December 29, 2007
Hey all, a noobie here. Just got my first universal DVD player for XMas. Woo-HOO! Been listening to DVD-As on my Onkyo 7.1 for a year. It's not an audiophile system by any means, but it's pretty sweet. It just got a lot sweeter with SA-CD and DSD. Treated my wife and self to about a dozen titles last week. (That's how you get the right titles at ... more