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  David Pritchard
  Las Cruces, New Mexico
  Marantz Sa11-S2 player, Morrow Ma-6 interconnects, Art Audio Px-25 SET amp, Morrow Sp-4 speaker wires, Modified Klipsch KLF-20 Speakers. GEK room treatments, PS Audio premier power regenerator, Ps Audio A/C duplexes, Alan Mahar speaker cable filters, Walker Audio speaker treatments, SVS sub woofer.

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How Do I Clean My SACD Player ?
February 8, 2011
Please do not use ultrasonic humidifiers in your house. The fine dust(the minerals in the tap water) that are released in the air by this method of humidification will coat the laser lens and cause player failure. I use a heated humidifier so the minerals are left on the humidifier(which has to be periodically cleaned). Use purified water when ... more
SACD Headphone Listening
January 18, 2011
Kal barely mentioned a unique way of listening to music. That is headphones using the Smyth Technology multi channel processor. At the L.A. California convention I found it to be a whole new way of listening to headphones. If I was starting to put a high end multi channel system in place, I would definately have a Smyth unit to ... more
Discussion: Mozart: The Piano Sonatas - Robert Silverman
October 29, 2010
I received my box set yesterday- two days after I ordered it. That alone was worth the $5.00 in shipping. The quality of the sound is captivating. While listening (2 channel Sacd), I suddenly realized it was 11:00 P.M. and I had a full day at work the next morning. The soundstage is intimate and deep with a dark background. The playing by Mister ... more
SACD Layers won't play or skipping problems
June 10, 2010
This dust may be a common problem with the Marantz SaCd players. This winter both my SA11-SA1 and my 8001 began to not read disc's. The players both have since returned to 100% reading after using the cd lens brush cleaning disc. This was after beginning to use an ultrasonic humidifier in the house. Do not use this type of humidifier! It will ... more