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Experiences in HDMI Audio?
January 21, 2008
I'm using the "lowly" PS3 connected to Denon 3808ci though HDMI, works great. ... more
SACD production cost ?
January 15, 2008
Good one ;-) Actually, it's quite hard to find any news from RIAA not laughable. But sometime, I just thought, to where did this wending road lead us to. Plausible as it is to protect consumer's rights for the fair use of our purchased media, how many of them are simply blunt action of piracy under the hood. ... more
What receiver should I buy?
January 11, 2008
If you try the very nice FAQ on this site, you will find a lot of useful information about sacd. The "Practical use / Playback equipment" section in particular should be quite helpful. To answer your question, if you want to use the analog out from your player to enjoy multi-channel, I think almost any receiver will do. On the other hand, if you ... more
BIS thread
January 10, 2008
Thanks Robert, definitely will give it a try. ... more
Classical Novice - Best Starter Titles???
January 10, 2008
For starter, I can't think any other composer's work is more suitable than Mozart. [t=1443] [t=59] [t=4099] Great music, great performance, great sound. Can't ask anything more than that, can we? ;-) ... more