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Janowski Lohengrin
June 17, 2012
Lohengrin is a 3 disc set so that would make it $7.50 per disc. Although on the product page it only gives $22.51 as the price if you look at the search page it does say that it is reduced from $49.99. So maybe this is just a super good pre-release price. ... more
Janowski Lohengrin
June 16, 2012
I suspect this is a mistake, but the Janowski Lohengrin from Pentatone is currently available for pre-order from Amazon for $22.51. ... more
SACD Shopping Montreal Canada?
March 29, 2012
It's been a year since I was last there and if I remember correctly they had made some reduction in the amount of space given to classical recordings. It's still a sizable department and worth a visit. Besides recorded music and movies I believe they also sell instruments and sheet music. ... more
SACD Shopping Montreal Canada?
March 29, 2012
Enjoy your trip. I love visiting Montreal and one of my favorite things to do is browse through the music stores. It's such a treat to find stores that actually carry music and movies. We don't have any stores like this in the Boston area any longer. I recommend that you check out the big Archambault store at 500 St. Catherine St. on the edge of ... more
"Missa Solemnis" on SACD?
September 15, 2010
I was hoping Davis had a performance of "Missa Solemnis" waiting release and the performance you describe sounds wonderful. I have the "Mass in C" and it's terrific. Does anyone know if his 70's performance for Philips was in quad? That would be nice to get from Pentatone, but probably not worth issuing if there is going to be a new release from ... more