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  Andreas Spreer
  sound enactor and producer, president of TACET GmbH
  Stuttgart, Germany

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TACET thread
April 18, 2012
@flyingdutchman Subscription rate for people who want to buy over a few months: We can think about it. We could even think about the whole project on that basis, e. g. one per month. However please consider that then there will be 14 times shipment cost. This increases the overall cost for the customer significantly. @nucaleena Of course. When/if ... more
TACET thread
April 16, 2012
Would you be ready to enable a big SACD project by TACET? 3 years ago we started "Auryn's Haydn", all 68 string quartets by Joseph Haydn played by the Auryn Quartet. They were released on 14 CD items, one for each opus, 8 double CDs and 6 single CDs, 22 CDs in total. This CD series was - and still is - a tremendous success. It received the ... more
TACET thread
January 18, 2012
Dear Peter, Beethoven 9 is a neverending story. Thank you and the others interested so much for the big patience! Of course we want to do it. Not only that we get many inquiries. What a shame to have 8 symphonies in Real Surround Sound and no. 9 is missing! However this year we plan another big orchestra recording which takes all means we can ... more
TACET thread
January 7, 2012
No. I do not yet know. See below. But another item will surely be released on SACD: the next recording of the "Welte Mystery Series". It's a compilation of some of the best Welte rolls with popular music. The title will probably be "Swinging Welte - George Gershwin and others play holes into the rolls". The formerly world-known company Welte in ... more
TACET thread
January 3, 2012
Now I have read all posts. And I had time to think over it. But I am still not sure what the best way is to answer. I start with a couple of thoughts thrown into the thread. - I am very impressed about the vitality on this website. That has certainly some influence. But it's clear that a producer takes his decisions on the basis of lots of more ... more