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Bob Dylan: Blood on the Tracks        (0 of 4 found this review helpful)
  February 3, 2009

Well I am currently on a 'burn your CDs' vote '24/96 or better' mission and that inevitably includes SACDs. However .. this SACD disappoints. It failed the 'volume up or volume down?' test - I switched it off after 30 seconds. It sounds cold and sterile , devoid of harmonics just like a CD. Shame. ... more

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How many of you are - actually - SACD-ONLY buyers???
February 24, 2009
yep here too - my CDs are pretty much locked away - they only come out from time to time to test a new DAC always in vain but despite that I am not really an SACD only buyer - I also buy vinyl, more than ever in fact .. and then record them to DSD ! ... more
Wheatus Need Your Help SACD/DSD People
January 12, 2009
wow - i had never heard of HDTracks - thanks. A fairly limited selection but frankly i would rather listen to any HQ music than sandpaper quality CDs. I am already downloading my first albums. Are there any other 24/96 download sites? ... more
Wheatus Need Your Help SACD/DSD People
January 10, 2009
I think Brendan was talking about mass market players with regards to making his DSDs available to the wider (non-audiophile / non-musician) public. There is clearly some chicken-egg-ness here: there are not even 24-bit 'ipods' but then again there is no 24-bit music to put on them anyway even if there were. If the DSDs are made available , even ... more
Wheatus Need Your Help SACD/DSD People
January 9, 2009
Brendan I only recently discovered DSD too and just bought an MR1 and 1000 and some new sacds for reference my aim is archiving my (big) vinyl collection - but there is the same problem - how to play back 1-bit more conveniently without being forced into creating 2496 WAV/FLAC/ALAC versions of everything. so anyway this is all i know so ... more