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Elvis Costello: My Aim Is True      (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
  July 13, 2011

Wow! If you are a diehard Costello fan you will need no persuading of the merits of this record. If, like me, you think he started well, peaked with "Armed Forces", and then enjoyed another 30 years of fame making records whose length and quality went in opposite directions, largely untroubled by ... more
Connie Francis: 26 Greatest Hits        (5 of 5 found this review helpful)
  December 16, 2010

You had to be there I guess, and if Connie Francis lights your particular nostalgia button in a big way, I can guarantee that you will never have heard these tracks sounding so good. Ronnie Chan, who has masterminded a series of excellent remasters for Top Music, has certainly done wonders with the ... more
Ray Conniff and Orchestra: April In Paris        (9 of 9 found this review helpful)
  December 3, 2009

This is an astonishing achievement . . . with caveats! What may at first sight look like a random compilation of Conniff material is in fact a straight re-issue of 2 of the classic 50's albums that made his name, the original sides 1 and 2 of 1957's "S Marvellous" framing all the tracks from 1958's ... more

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Decca reissue-series from Analogue Productions
November 12, 2015
I have the Japanese 2004 hybrid SACD of this title - the symphony is indeed a classic and the sound is miraculous, but the MSD, recorded a year or two earlier, sounds very much of its time. The latter was recorded in February 1957. whereas the symphony and Hebrides overture were taped in April 1960, this time with Wilkie at the controls! The Decca ... more
Decca reissue-series from Analogue Productions
November 12, 2015
No, definitely not. I had the Esoteric for quite a while, and only when CD Japan had a sale on some of the SHM's (and following positive comments from fellow contrubutors here) did I decide to try the SHM-SACD. Despite other people's opinions I am generally a fan of the Esoteric series (try their Boult Holst Planets!!), but the SHM is STUNNINGLY ... more
Discussion: Bruch: Violin Concerto No. 2, Konzertstuck - Wallin, Kamu
October 16, 2015
This is a marvellous disc. Bruch 2 is not Bruch 1 of course but in 50 years this makes the most persuasive case for it that I've ever heard. Wallin's tone is gorgeous and Kamu is a characterful accompanist beautifully recorded. I don't think anyone will be longing for Gluzman or Feng while they're listening to this. Another example of what BIS does ... more
Discussion: The 4 Seasons - Super Audio Best
November 18, 2014
The first 12 tracks are a straight reissue of the first 4 Seasons LP - not sure where the other 4 come from. ... more
Discussion: The Complete Beethoven Piano Sonatas - Peter Takács
October 4, 2014
In fairness, I have to say I bought mine when the set was first released and the booklet fell to pieces the first time I opened it - poor/inappropriate glue just like cheap paperbacks of yore. However ... great music! ... more