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Naxos - Comments from Klaus Heymann
September 3, 2012
Has to be the Decca, with Antonacci, Kaufmann and D'Arcangelo, and Pappano conducts ROH forces to bristling effect. Fairly trad production, but that's no bad thing. Lots of heat from Antonacci, and Kaufmann's singing is truly sublime; if his Flower Song does not break your heart, nothing ever will. Lots of passion and drama throughout. This will ... more
A Rare Privelege - Manfred
August 19, 2012
I haven't caught up with this performance yet, but I will try to make a point of doing so. I had the good fortune to hear the LPO and Jurowski do this back in November 2008 at the RFH and found it magnificent, revealing what a superb work Manfred really is. It is one of Jurowski's finest interpretations, and he has been doing it for years. I ... more
Reference Recordings upcoming SACD release
February 27, 2011
Oh, dear! I do seem to have touched a sore spot, Jonalogic, which I note you simply could not help yourself picking as you continued to edit and add to your irascible post. I watched you doing it. And I certainly wouldn't want to grace your SHOUTY CAPITAL LETTERS, sarcasms and sweeping generalisations with any further rehearsal of that tired ... more
Reference Recordings upcoming SACD release
February 27, 2011
There is already a superb Enigma conducted by Sir Colin Davis on LSO Live (LSO 0609). I heard Sir Colin give this piece on two occasions - in January 2007 (recorded) and December 2007. He is one of our greatest Elgarians, as anyone who has heard his live performances and recorded set of the 3 symphonies will already know, and his Enigma is both ... more
Fischer 'Storms' in London
January 20, 2011
And here is Stephen Hough's Blog. If you scroll down, you will find my entry and his nice reply in which he says: 'The BFO and Ivan have been a complete dream to work with this weekend. From the first E flat in the first rehearsal last week I was inspired by their intensity and utter commitment.' ... more