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Some interesting notes on the recent WYWH SACD release
December 24, 2011
I've always said The Wall would be my ultimate wish for a 5.1 SACD release, you've just given me hope my friend, please let it happen!!! ... more
Discussion: Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here
November 15, 2011
Received my copy of WYWH today, just been listening to the surround mix and was completely blown away, especially when WTTM started up, one of those moments you feel you couldn't listen to it in stereo quite the same again! Well well worth the £26 I paid from elusivedisc(shipped to UK) and more, outstanding mix and quality through and through(even ... more
Discussion: Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here
October 25, 2011
It's such a shame this doesn't seem to be being treated as a mainstream release. Had EMI released this just as they did the DSOTM SACD I think it could have really proved the amount of interest there still is for the format. Instead it's being released on Accoustic Sounds in the US, with no release within Europe at all, making it yet another ... more
Petition to mix "The Wall" in 5.1 surround
August 21, 2011
They all seem to be showing now, including my own. ... more
'Wish You Were Here' of Pink Floyd to get as SACD
August 21, 2011
You have given me renewed hope, and for now, that is enough :-) ... more