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Black Celebration SACD - where?!?
September 30, 2009
Good news.. You will notice it does say "SACD" for disc one and specifies it. Hopefully this is not an oversight in their listing despite getting new non SACD remasters. But it does in fact say SACD for Black Celebration. Let me know if anyone has any luck. Tara :) ... more
Black Celebration SACD - where?!?
September 29, 2009
Well as a hardcore DM fan, I buy absolutely everything when it first comes out. So I really didn't care to stay up to speed on the fact that as of this spring, Mute is no longer issuing the UK CD+DVD release with the SACD. (which sucks) Glad I got all of mine then. If I find any SACD's of BC anywhere I will definitely post it here. ... more
Black Celebration SACD - where?!?
September 28, 2009
Everyone - you should be able to find it at their record company. I do realize that it does not specify SACD but this one is the remaster plus DVD: As far as I know, Mute NEVER pressed a CD+DVD remaster package that was *not* SACD ... more