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  David Stangret
  I have spent the majority of the 60+ years of my life listening to vinyl LP's and open reel tapes and I was quite happy to do so. I had little interest in CD's when they came out, but years later I purchased some of the Redbook RCA and Mercury's along with various other labels that had titles that I was familiar with. I decided to give them a try, albeit on other peoples systems, and compare the CD's to their vinyl and tape releases. (I was not going to invest money into a CD player until I liked what I heard.) Ultimately, I found CD's greatly lacking. They gave me nothing over the tape or vinyl releases I already owned of the same recordings. I listened to these and dozens of new recordings released on CD's on various systems, and after all the exposure to them that I could endure, I was content to not bother with them again. I will say though, I had no problems purchasing some of these same digital recordings on vinyl which I enjoyed far more than their CD releases. I kept any of the CD's that were not re-releases and not available on vinyl, sold the rest, and contentedly went back to analogue.


One day, I went out with a friend to an audio store, where he spent several thousand dollars on a Krell Standard SACD player. I could not believe what he was doing! He was going to spend money like that on an SACD player when he already had close to, or even more than $100,000 into several very fine audio systems! But, when we got back to his place and hooked up the Krell to his all tube Jadis system and I heard the Krell playing an SACD, I was amazed! What a difference from what I had heard with Redbook CD's!

So, I started purchasing all the RCA, Mercury and Mobile Fidelity SACD re-issues that I wanted. I found that I was pleasantly surprised at the sound of the SACD layer of these recordings played back through my 2 channel system, even on an old Oppo 971HD, a cheap universal DVD player.

I then took my Oppo player over to my father-in-law's to install it into his multi-channel home theater system. And, while the sound was not to the highest level of audio refinement that I am familiar with for 2 channel stereo, the sound was non-the-less very enjoyable; the performances, though familiar had a refreshingly new sound.

I am not for or against stereo or multi-channel; I enjoy both. It was both the sound quality of 2 channel and the enveloping sound of multi-channel that sold me on SACD's. SACD's have opened up a new door for me to re-listen to some great performances and explore some great new performances that my self imposed limitations of vinyl and open reel had cut me off from.

Lastly; a big "thank-you" to Zeus for setting up and maintaining this incredible site!
  Toronto, Canada

Power: Yamaha HTR-6190 HT receiver
SACD Player: Oppo BDP-95
Cassette: Tandberg 440A
Speakers: Ars Acoustica LaDiva 2-way rear ported monitors
Stands: Atlantis 28" single pole sand filled

HDMI for HT connections
Interconnects: Purist Audio Proteus Rev A
Speaker Cable: Stax Multi-strand bi-wired

Equipment not in use right now:
Tonearm: Ortofon 309S
Cartridges: Ortofon mono and stereo SPU's

3,500+ vinyl LP's in mono, stereo and digital
346 SACD's and growing

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