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  mike murray
  Dublin Ireland
  Denon DVD-3910 DVD/CD/SACD player

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Jeff Beck: Blow by Blow      (1 of 2 found this review helpful)
  November 13, 2010

This is a great album. I just picked it up on SACD in a second hand shop in Dublin for 5.99 Euro. The actual production values on the album are second to none thanks to George Martin although it bears no similarity to any album by the fab four. It is the best jazz fusion album ever released. He can ... more

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The thing that McCartney is eluding to is that people who generally want Hi Res want to have the physical media so the can regard it as a valuable collectable item or investment as well as a means of enjoying the album. A DVD-r does not exactly fill your average audiophile with a huge amount of excitement. They may as well torrent it for all this ... more
Maybe should differenciate between Japan and Western versions of SACDs.
October 23, 2010
Fair point DSD, I can see how the Stones Red Book and SACD versions with the same UPC could give misleading results with Amazon. But the 14 Japanese Genesis Mini LPs should have seperate listings. By the way Teresa, I love your dedication to SACD, and keep it up. Thanks ... more