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Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 5, Romeo & Juliet - Gatti          (12 of 13 found this review helpful)
  November 15, 2004

I've had an SACD player since February and have been looking for a Tchaik 5 that was available in the US. Recently this one popped up here on the site and I ordered it directly from Harmonia Mundi USA. I am very familiar with both pieces, and have played French horn in the 5th in various youth ... more
The Police: Every Breath You Take        (3 of 4 found this review helpful)
  June 13, 2004

I bougth this disc on a recommendation from a friend and was not disappointed. I was not a big Police fan either, but now will look into some of their other albums. Roxanne sounds if Sting were right there in front of you! Could have used a bit more subwoofer though on most tracks.
ET: The Extra-Terrestrial Soundtrack        (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
  June 13, 2004

Being a John Williams fan (mostly from Star Wars), I had to have this one. Since I was not very familiar with E.T.'s soundtrack I didn't know what to expect. However, this one is a masterpiece! Sonically, it compares well to the Star Trek Nemesis album, even though the two were recorded twenty years ... more
Classics at the Pops - Erich Kunzel          (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
  April 17, 2004

Back in the late 80's, my parents bought their first stereo system and a CD player. One of the first discs we got was Star Tracks, with Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops. This disc is no Star Tracks. The pieces I am more familiar with (Festive Overture, Aida) seem to drag. The Festive Overture is one ... more
Sci-Fi in Hi-Fi        (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
  April 12, 2004

I bought this disc without listening to any samples. Big, big mistake. It's a combination of synthesizer arrangements of great Sci-Fi music, along with some instrumentals (albeit a very small ensemble). After listening to a few tracks, I figured that a better title would have been "Sci-Fi In Junior ... more

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Discussion: Derek & The Dominos: Layla
February 6, 2008
I recently started playing guitar, and of course, Clapton is someone to get into! I bought this off ebay, because it appears to be out of print. I am extremely impressed with this disc! One reviewer commented about the true separation between Allman's and Clapton's guitars. I specifically noticed that on the SACD layer, you can hear one of them ... more
Rachmaninov SACD Dud
March 22, 2005
I finally got the replacement disc in the mail, along with another Mercury disc of my choosing. It works just fine! There was a problem in some of the production run out of Hong Kong, with jitter and push-pull issues. ... more
Discussion: Beethoven: Piano Sonatas Nos. 4, 8 & 14 - Kodama
March 3, 2005
Let me clarify...I didn't double-check my order before I put it through. When I check the order now, the item listed is CDU# 5939985, but the price on my order page is different from that on the product listing page. They don't even list the SACD I was really looking for (Pathetique, etc) when I do a search for "Kodama" as performer. I have a funny ... more
Discussion: Beethoven: Piano Sonatas Nos. 4, 8 & 14 - Kodama
March 3, 2005
I got the wrong one (21 etc). But, I am listening to the one I got and I don't mind the mixup :) I will be getting the other disc soon I am sure. ... more
Discussion: Beethoven: Piano Sonatas Nos. 4, 8 & 14 - Kodama
March 3, 2005
Zeus, the link to this disc on CDUniverse actually points to the Kodama disc with Nos. 21, 23, and 26. I was quite surprised when the wrong one showed up...I should have looked more carefully! ... more