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  Max Kanevsky
  California, USA
  Multichannel Sources: Oppo 93 connected via HDMI
MacBook Pro running JRiver
Stereo Source: Squeezebox Touch connected via coax
Processor: Marantz AV8801 (Audyssey MultEQ XT32)
Amplification: Bryston 9B-SST 5-channel
Fronts: Martin Logan Spires
Surrounds: ML Scripts
Center: ML Stage
Subwoofer: ML Descent i

Found: 1

Lee Konitz: Jonquil        (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
  February 10, 2015

A fascinating and now increasingly rare release, the kind I really wish we had more of: an original, hi-resolution multichannel jazz recording with a great acoustic and, more importantly, one of the towering giants of jazz to lead the proceedings. After looking for a while, I just obtained a copy, ... more

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Sibelius: Complete Symphonies (Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Paavo Berglund), Warner Classics
October 21, 2015
His one Sibelius SACD (2nd and 5th) is just dreary. My least favorite recording of these works, mostly sonically but also in terms of quality of playing he elicits. Certainly not at the level of the ongoing Minnesota/Vanska releases, or, from what I can gather, the recent BIS Kamu box. Kinda makes one think this (Berglund box) would be rather ... more
Library synch - old and new site
September 13, 2015
Mark, thanks a lot. Worked beautifully to solve the issue posed in the OP. ... more
Library synch - old and new site
September 12, 2015
One of the useful features of the new HRAudio site is the ability to port your library once you re establish login with the same email address (btw, why can't we use the same login handle, instead of entering a much longer full email address every time?) Now, out of multi-year habit, I continued entering new sacd acquisitions into the ... more
Discussion: Miles Davis: Take Off (The Complete Blue Note Albums)
June 25, 2015
Mark, For me, what convinced me that Coltrane's "screeching" exclamations on the tenor were a natural extension of his conventional improvisational technique and, in fact, were dictated by the iron logic of his solo development, was the title track of the record "Transition". In it, you can hear that the extended solos (2 of them) that begin ... more
Discussion: Liszt: Piano Concertos - Kantorow, Kantorow
June 13, 2015
What is thrilling about it? ... more