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  Domagoj Cosic
  Berlin, Germany
  Yamaha RX-V3800 * Sony DVP-NS 700 * Sony BDP-S470

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BluRay Audio ????
March 29, 2011
The SONYs have several drawbacks (basicly handling / user interface) none of your old CD players had. I have one of those and I am getting regularly upset about it. Sound is perfect when connected via HDMI (there is no analog MCH output). Basically, they do not display the track number on device display while playing SACD, they do not allow direct ... more
Sony Blu Ray SACD output
February 3, 2011
I checked it on my S470 because I was puzzled by previous answers. My results are as follows (audio over HDMI): Depending on VIDEO output resolution (HDMI or component): * all SD video with multi channel SACD: - DSD 2 channels (out of 5/6) - PCM 5/6 channels 44.1 kHz * all HD video with multi channel SACD: - DSD 5/6 channels - PCM 5/6 channels ... more
Sony Blu Ray SACD output
January 26, 2011
Great nonsense: it was designed that way because the project deadline was about to run out, omitting features the least number of people would be missing, probably. I noticed another strange shortcoming of the BDP-470: no direct track access, neither for (RB)CD nor SACD. Pressing a numeric key on the remote has no effect while playing any audio ... more
Sony Blu Ray SACD output
January 3, 2011
I tried it now: switching video to 720p either component or HDMI works for me! All 5 SACD channels as DSD. However, the solution will not be completely satisfactory until I buy a new TV. For my old CRT I have to switch back and fort every time I watch a video disc or Internet TV, else I get a B/W picture from video out (it works anyway, might have ... more
Sony Blu Ray SACD output
December 29, 2010
Thank you all. I cannot try it now but I will as soon as a am home in January. Domagoj ... more