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Warner Japan to Reissue 10 Erato and Teldec titles on SACD?
July 3, 2012
Thank you. Bruggen, Richter and Pires! Nice! ... more
July 3, 2012
Zeus: I can understand your reaction. If you help or to find customers they should give you the referral fee the promised. That is how it works in the internet. It must be a coincident that these are the italian and spanish branches of amazon that do not pay what they promised. And I bet if there would be a they ... more
Warner Japan to Reissue 10 Erato and Teldec titles on SACD?
July 3, 2012
Sounds promising. But the Blog you mention is all over japanese signs :). Is there anywhere in the internet a list of the titles in English? ... more
EMI Japan Classic SACD's
June 29, 2012
Does anybody in this forum have informations about the success or the failure of the EMI Japan Classic SACD's (or the Signature Edition that used the japanese SACD-Edition in the markets outside Japan) in terms of revenue or copies sold? And how successful are the Furtwangler SACD's of EMI Japan? How does EMI (or EMI Japan) think about it and will ... more
Discussion: Wagner: Der Ring Des Nibelungen - Solti
June 29, 2012
Yes, it says 14 newly mastered RBCD's and 1 Blu-Ray with the whole Ring in "24-Bit-quality". No SACD. Sad. So I will stay with the Furtwangler Ring and Walkure from EMI-Japan (SACD's) and the Keilberth-Ring from Testament. And save nearly 300 EURO. Anyhow, I think the Solti-Ring is slightly overrated. ... more