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BIS thread
January 10, 2013
Just listened to the new Aho recording (Oboe Concerto). That was......AMAZING! ... more
BIS thread
December 11, 2012
Oh, I must have remembered the date incorrectly. Flute Concerto is actually my favourite Aho work too at the moment, so now I'm even more excited about the Oboe concerto. Thanks for the reply. ... more
BIS thread
December 10, 2012
Dear Bissie, Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the new Aho album supposed to be released last month? Didn't see it in this months Bis newsletter either. Any news on that? Looking forward to it, thanks. :) ... more
BIS thread
July 5, 2012
Robert, I'd like to give my opinion on this too. The authenticy of the recording by not using compression is one of the main reasons BIS is my favourite label (good performances, certain recording series' like Bach Cantatas, the recording of Aho's output, and eClassical with the Daily deals among other reasons). I've read from many sources you ... more
BIS thread
June 13, 2012
Thanks for the reply on this. Let's hope Sorabji's music will get more attention in the future and maybe some orchestra will take interest then. One more thing came to mind, is there yet an approximate release schedule for Kalevi Aho's 15th symphony? I've been looking forward to it since I heard it on Finnish radio last summer, and what a great ... more