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  New Zealand
  Source: Oppo BDP105
Power Amp: ATC P1
Preamp: ATC CA2
Speakers: Triangle Magellan Cello (Nordost Frey)
Interconnects: Oyaide

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Hong Kong bound ...
June 29, 2015
Go into a news agent and look for a Hi-Fi Magazine. I did that to find Hi-Fi shops. It may also help to find music shops. Even if it does not the staff at one of the local Hi-Fi shops is sure to help. Another option is just to browse Aplui Street - the eastern end from memory. Also I think it is on the Mong Kok line, so easy to get to. Its ... more
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August 25, 2014
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What Receiver
November 27, 2013
Thanks a heap for the suggestions guys. ... more
What Receiver
November 23, 2013
My brother has his eye on a NAD T787 receiver. He has a 5.1 system in a small man-cave, but his existing Pioneer receiver does not cut the mustard. As a result he does not need vast amounts of power. He tells me that audio quality is the priority. Is the NAD a good bet? I know little about receivers as I am more a 2-channel man but unfortunately I ... more
Stereo or Multi-channel?
October 15, 2013
At the rate that technology is advancing - equipment and DSD for example - it may be a good thing if this is revisited every now and then. ... more