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August 27, 2004
Thank you Zeus, other people that work on this site, and contributors to the forum. I found your site through Google for "SACD reviews". I was looking for independent confirmation that SACD could be a worthwhile hobby. Had experienced trouble getting hard-to-find (redbook) CD's before on the internet and didn't know how much of a hassle the SACD ... more
Toshiba SD-4960 how much of the fun am I missing?
August 26, 2004
Thank you for your two replies LC. I know what you mean about hi-end audio being a male dominated hobby. The overwhelming majority of women that I date think I'm foolish with my money to indulge any audio. They would rather stick with FM (free music) on a boom-box. The only way the women that I know would lurk here would be if they were awarded the ... more
Toshiba SD-4960 how much of the fun am I missing?
August 25, 2004
Hi guys and gals: Try not to laugh too hard at this question. After six years I finally invested in some SACD hardware. I spend most of my budget on essentials and discs. My first and only SACD player is a Toshiba SD-4960. It became available in July 2004 and cost US $ 150. I am running in stereo with good analog pre-amp, analog amp, and two good ... more