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What's your system?
August 19, 2015
Mine is super simple. Speakers Vivid Giya's 2 Amp-DAC Devialet 120 Acer laptop + JRiver that's it, sounds marvelous. ... more
Best SACD piano recordings
July 16, 2015
I just downloaded A new BIS 24/96 title, it is not yet listed on It is by pianist Kathryn Stott and called "Solitaires" French works for solo piano, the music is by Dutilleux, Ravel, and Messiaen. You can sample the music on Eclassical. The piano sound is superb, very open and dynamic. Highly recomended ... more
Songs of the Auvergne
July 13, 2015
I like the 2 Naxos cd's best. Veronique Gens French singing is spot on for these gems. The sound is also excellent. Being French I can understand what she is singing about perfectly which is not the case for the other versions mentioned. ... more
Best SACD piano recordings
July 4, 2015
I am a big fan of good classical piano recordings thus would welcome recommendations. I'll start with the BIS recording of Haydn: Piano Sonatas 50-52 "The London Sonatas" - Wallisch In my system it just sound stunning, maybe the most natural piano Sacd I own. ... more
The Barenboim Piano
May 29, 2015
Nice to know that they are still people around looking for perfection. "Good enough" should be a banned expression. ... more