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Steely Dan: Aja      (2 of 4 found this review helpful)
  May 12, 2015

Great album in terms of the music. But we all knew that by now, right? As a value for money review, I would have to give thumbs down. Drums are OK with nice cymbals. Other than that I didn't hear much of a jump on the redbook CD. An opportunity was missed not to go 5.1 on this but I think that may ... more
Mozart: Sonatas for Piano & Violin - Uchida/Steinberg          (2 of 5 found this review helpful)
  June 18, 2014

Beautiful music, beautifully played. The piano however did not seem to me to be mic'd as it might. It sounded disappointingly dull and muffled against the crystal clear violin. The violin sound is indeed worthy of the SACD medium. They got that much very right.

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DSD capability of AV receiver critical?
June 3, 2014
OK - so just to follow up on my original query. I bought a Sony STR DH 550 AV receiver and connected my Sony bluray player, BDPS480, and connected them via HDMI. Result - success (I believe!). The TV screen tells me the SACD is being output as multichannel DSD and the AVR is also claiming to decode and output surround sound DSD. Very happy with ... more
DSD capability of AV receiver critical?
May 28, 2014
"Just a couple of words of my experience. I use Sony BDP-S480 BluRay player for playing SACD and the signal is sent to ONKYO TX-NR905 AVR via spdif coax or HDMI. The player outputs via spdif 44.1 KHz only. So it is the same as if I played a normal CD. Through HDMI it can output either PCM at 176.4 KHz or DSD, both of which can be processed by the ... more
DSD capability of AV receiver critical?
May 28, 2014
Am I right in thinking that there are a few variants of PCM? If there is conversion to PCM - this is only helpful at 88.2Khz, because if it converts at 44.1KHz in the AVR this is means all SACD capability is negated and you are left with redbook CD quality sound detail. When you guys speak of conversion to PCM in the AVR, are you referring to ... more
DSD capability of AV receiver critical?
May 27, 2014
Thanks for the helpful response Iain. No logical reason for the brand stickiness! - habit, trust from past experience, just figuring there may be some kind of intercompabilities I can take advantage of regarding remote controls. I have bought a half dozen or so SACDs of albums I love musically. It would be disappointing if I was stuck at CD ... more
DSD capability of AV receiver critical?
May 27, 2014
I use an SACD-compatible Sony bluray player to play SACDs, but I now realise that the output from my outdated AV receiver (Sony STRDB940) is only 44.1KHz PCM via digital coaxial cable. I haven't really been listening to the discs capability as I imagined. If I purchase a newer Sony receiver with HDMI inputs does that finally get me into the SACD ... more