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Ozzfest 2002 Live Album      (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
  May 18, 2003

When I saw names like System of a Down and Rob Zombie and then the word "Multichannel", I could hardly get the money out fast enough to pay for this and get home. I cranked it and waited for the onslaught. I was thouroughly let down after only a few tracks. The recording it terrible and the ... more
Jorma Kaukonen: Blue Country Heart        (0 of 2 found this review helpful)
  May 18, 2003

I saw this on a few people's favorite disk list and decided to give it a try. Well now it'll make a good coaster because I'll never listen to it again. It's bad, and I mean really bad. Uninspired folk music that makes the Greatful Dead spin in their graves. Don't waste your money on this rubbish, ... more
David Bowie: Heathen      (1 of 7 found this review helpful)
  May 18, 2003

I picked this up based upon these glaring reviews and I've got to tell you I wasted my money. Sure the sound is great but Mr. Bowie is over the hill and is just going through the motions. Oh well, at least I can put it on Ebay and recoup a part of the money. I'll be happy when "Hunky Dory" and ... more
Beck: Sea Change      (11 of 12 found this review helpful)
  May 18, 2003

I just got an SACD player and have been picking up a few discs including this one, I've had a few hits and more misses. I like the Stones remasters and of coutse Pink Floyd DSOTM, but I have to admit, THIS is my favorite disc so far. On first listening I could hardly believe it was Beck. There is no ... more
Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon        (3 of 4 found this review helpful)
  May 16, 2003

This disc should be included with every SACD player. The opening tape loops of "Money" are worth the price of admission, but from beginning to end, this is what surround sound was made for. The band even had surround when I saw them play it live at the Hollywood Bowl, so it kind of fits to hear it ... more

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